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I made it in sports thanks to my passion for table tennis. I turned my passion into a career, which lasted 15 years.

Within the framework of my double project (sport and reconversion), I wrote a professional thesis entitled "how can an under-publicised sport develop using new media?", and focused on commercial functions.

I have been working in a consultancy and training company specialized in the field of involvement and quality of working life for the last 5 years, specialised in the field of performance management. Our approach is unique: we used tools from the high-level sporting world and applied them to the business world, and more specifically to human resource management.
My clients are private companies working in all fields of activity, such as industry media, communication, luxury goods, health, construction work and finance.

My features: team spirit, friendliness, constantly looking to improve.
What motivates me: challenges and development prospects.

My professional background

Work Experience

Since February 2011

Moortgat Énergie

Since January 2017: Associate director May 2013 - December 2016: Senior Consultant
February 2011 - May 2013 - Consultant

Job description

Consultant :
70% of my work is dedicated to commercialising products according to medium or long term decisions made by Managing Directors, Human Resource Managers and Training Managers:

  • Telephone canvassing
  • Creation of a customer portfolio
  • Customer relations management
30% of my work concerns operational monitoring, by coordinating training courses in the following fields:
  • Performance management
  • Stress management
  • Psychosocial risks
  • Team Building
  • Individual coaching

Consultant Senior :
As well as my consultancy tasks:

  • Employee management
  • Recruitment
  • Internal training

Since March 2017

French Federation of Table Tennis

FFTT Executive Board member (French Federation of Table Tennis)

Job description

Further to the elections Federal of March, 2017, the list which I drove was defeated in front of outgoing president.
We nevertheless obtained 3 seats to the FFTT Executive Board.
Our mission is to help in the development of the table tennis during the Olympiad which will lead us to the JO of Tokyo in 2020.

2010 July - 2011 January


Payroll manager

Job description

Management of a portfolio of 3 customers:

  • 500 pay slips/month
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual declarations
  • 3 different collective agreements (bank, metal work, consultancy)

2010 January - 2010 May

UFF Banque

Asset manager

Job description

  • Telephone canvassing
  • Creation of a customer portfolio

1996 January - 2010 June

Professionnal athlete

Table Tennis


6 franch championship titres de Champion de France :

  • 4 in team (Levallois)
  • Men's Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Best world ranking: n°150
  • Best french ranking: n°5

In addition to my work as an athlete, I was also a team leader for several seasons. With a passion for human relations, I was the link between the players and the staff.

Even if I played an individual sport, my best results were always as a team or in doubles. I explain that by my collective motivation, my desire to share. I hope to maintain this value in my daily life, as I am convinced that it can be an advantage for everyone in their search for fulfilment and durable success.

My education


2016 May

Quality of working life

School profile description

ANACT: To lead a QWL action in companies.

2014 February - 2015 May

Cambridge Training Institute


School profile description

Face-to-face and over-the-phone training.
The objective of this method is to work in an international context (B2+ level).

2013 January - 2013 June



School profile description

Upstream management training by managing a consultant.
The aim is to provide basic "business" management skills, to increase confidence and let the employee thrive.

2007 November - 2009 April


Master's Degree Specialized in Sport Marketing

School profile description

Professional thesis entitled "how can an under-publicised sport develop using new media?"
The goal is to provide high-level tools to evolve within the sporting industry.


  • Nelson Mandela

    President: South Africa

  • Lao Tzu

    Chinese sage

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  • Billy Beane

    General Manager

    It's necessary to be where the others are not...


Skills and knowledge


Business Development 90%
Consultancy 90%
Event coordination 95%
Project engineering 90%
Management 68%


Empathy 95%
Team spirit 90%
Stress management 90%
Endurance 88%
Humility 88%

Languages skills


Point of view

"My sporting career allowed me to develop an important capacity to mobilize me on distant objectives as well as propensity to bounce and to questionning.
In any professional career, I am convinced of the importance to ask himself certain questions for improvement like : How to make differently to succeed ? How to learn of our mistakes? How to move forward in the difficult environment ?"


  • Sports


    Sport, sport, sport, I am passionate about all kinds of sport.

  • Trips


    I have a boating licence, and love to go out with my friends or family.

  • Sponsoring


    I sponsor a table tennis club (in Ancenis), I like donating my time to help this great, dynamic club.



My latest work


Here are some of the projects I completed during my career.

World leader in project management and engineering (subsea, offshore and onshore)

Job Description

  • Context: multi-factor pressure within the company (projects on an international scale, participants form multiple cultures).
  • Action: for the last 3 years, assist managers and colleagues to improve efficiency in a demanding environment. The goal is to achieve conscious and strategic management of the company’s own resources.
  • Result: improvement in terms of engagement, control of emotions in stressful situations and improved management of the physical potential.

Consulting firm in the IT services company sector

Job Description

  • Context: the activity is progressing fast, very fast, and managers need some perspective.
  • Action: work carried out on all 3 axes (physical, mental, emotional).
  • Result: improved stability and efficiency on a daily basis.

Leader in advertising

Job Description

  • Context: a fast-growing company (staff x3 in 5 years), young employees that are committed, maybe even too invested.
  • Action: implementation of a training programme for managing stressful situations (internal, customers) and preserving long-term commitment.
  • Result: improved in standing back, collaborators in better shape.


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